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tourmaline pebble necklace


Tourmaline necklace. Tourmaline and sterling silver necklace. Minimalist tourmaline necklace. October birthstone necklace.

Cast sterling silver pebble necklace. Sterling silver 925.
The pebble has an irregular surface. Every piece is handmade and there could be negligible difference with your piece.
You can pick up the color of the torumaline: pink, green or yellow.

As you can see in last photograph, other stones are available.

Items may appear larger in the photos to show details. Please check dimensions carefully and look at the photograph in which the items are worn, you can better see the size.

The pendant is 1 cm approx.
The sterling silver chain is 16″ (41 cm) approx. plus 0.8″ extension chain, please ask me if you need a different size.

The creation of a cast piece is a long journey, even when pieces are very simple. You can read more details about this process in my about page.