Rules and use of the gift card

  1. The Gift Card purchased online can only be used at for the purchase of goods on sale there.
  2. The use of the Gift Card requires the acknowledgement and acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, to which reference is always made for all information.
  3. The Gift Card is the exclusive property of Marisa Becca who, however, is not responsible for its failure and/or damage.
  4. Gift Cards obtained by fraudulent, unlawful or illegal means will have no validity, cannot be used to purchase products and their credit cannot be refunded by Marisa Becca.
  5. The Gift Card is not nominative and can be transferred and used by third parties other than the User who purchased it.
  6. The amount that can be credited to the Gift Card purchased online starts from a minimum of € 25.00. The Gift Card is never rechargeable.
  7. The Gift Card can only be used as a payment method: it can never be redeemed for cash, not even on expiry for any residual value, does not bear interest, is not marketable and cannot be regarded as a form of solicitation of savings or investment.
  8. A Gift Card cannot be purchased using another Gift Card.
  9. The balance of the Gift Card purchased online can be verified by contacting me.
  10. The available amount of the Gift Card can be used for full or partial payments. If the Gift Card balance is insufficient to purchase the desired goods, the missing amount can be paid using the other payment methods provided by this website.
  11. The remaining Gift Card credit is non-refundable.
  12. The Gift Card does not expire.
  13. Marisa Becca is not responsible for the loss or theft of the Gift Card and the identification of the user and will not carry out any checks for this purpose when using the Gift Card.
  14. For any information or complaints, you can write to or contact our shop.
  15. Marisa Becca reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions of use of the Gift Card, informing the Customer in a timely manner and in any case guaranteeing adequate terms for proceeding with the use or request for reimbursement of the cards already issued.