Labradorite necklace. Statement labradorite and cast silver necklace. Labradorite jewerly. Cast sterling silver and labradorite necklace.

The sterling silver oval pendant is cast from high quality Italian fine silver casting grains. The labradorite stone has a beautiful labradorescenze, with blue and green flashes. You will receive the piece in these photographs.

I gave to the the surface of the sterling silver an organic, irregular look. The cord is black (other colors are available) and the closure is adjustable with sliding knots

This is a cast piece made by me using the lost wax technique, from design to final polishing. I have not made any mould yet, so every piece is unique. I have hand carved the wax model, made the “wax tree” and all is needed to have it ready for the kiln, then polished and finished every piece by hand.
I cast my pieces with the help of a local professional caster.

Items may appear larger in the photos to show details. Please check dimensions carefully and look at the photograph in which the items are worn, you can better see the size.

The diameter of the sterling silver piece is 1.8″ (4,5 cm) approx.
The labradorite is 1.15″ (3 cm) approx

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