Organic Sterling silver rings set of three. Organic textured rings set. Contemporary rings. Freeform ring. Stacking rings set

Three sterling silver rings, all with different finish: one is irregularly oxidized with a grey patina, one has a matte finish and one is glossy. They are all unevenly shaped, the one with the soft matte finish is slightly thicker.
All the process is manual and no two set of rings will be the same, but very similar to the one you can see in these pics. You will wear a unique piece!
The rings are marked with 925 and my identification hallmark stamp.
Created by using the lost wax method, I first carve this ring’s shape in wax then cast it in sterling silver.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your piece to be made to fit you perfectly and sent.
Items may appear larger in the photos to show details. Please check dimensions carefully and look at the photograph in which the items are worn, you can better see the size.

thickness is 2- 4 mm approx.
The rings in these pics (7,5 US) weighs 18 gr (0.63 oz). The weight varies depending also on the size.

The ring should fit your finger comfortably: loose enough to slide over your knuckle with ease, not too much to fall off.
Wide band rings are tighter, please choose a half size up. You can obtain help with the conversion ring size chart in the last photograph. Please contact me if you need support to find your ring size.
To help me make comfortable and perfect fit ring, I will also need the inside diameter of one of your rings that you wear on the same hand and finger on which this new ring will be worn.