Labradorite pendant necklace. Blue fire labradorite necklace. Labradorite necklace, bronze and sterling silver, mixed metal necklace.
The contrast of bronze against the labradorite drop and the black chain makes this piece really eye catching.
A faceted labradorite briolette is hanging into a bronze piece, cast from high quality Italian reddish bronze casting grains, the chain is a black sterling silver. No two pieces will be the same, negligibile differences can be berween this one in the listing and the one you will receive.

The creation of a cast piece is a long journey, even when pieces are very simple. You can read more details about this process in my about page. Bronze is much less expensive than precious metals like silver and gold, but in a piece like this the work involved in its production has a great impact on its final cost.

Items may appear larger in the photos to show details. Please check dimensions carefully and look at the photograph in which the items are worn, you can better see the size.

The pendant is 30 mm approx. (1.5 inch) approx.
The necklace is 16″ (41 cm) long approx. plus 1″ of extension chain