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Aquamarine and bronze feather necklace. Cast bronze necklace. Aquamarine necklace. Mixed metal necklace, Contemporary jewelry. March gift.
You may not receive the necklace you see in these photographs, your piece will be very similar but not exactly the same. Every piece is unique.
The bronze piece is 3.5 cm approx. (1.4″ inch) approx. The total length of the pendant is 5 cm (2″ approx.)
The chain is 22″ (55 cm) long approx. from one end to the other

An irregular bronze feather is linked to a faceted aquamarine nugget. They hang from a black sterling silver chain.
I cast the my bronze pieces from high quality Italian reddish bronze casting grains
This is a cast piece made by me using the lost wax technique, from design to final polishing. I have not made any mould yet, so every piece is unique. I have hand carved the wax model, made the “wax tree” and all is needed to have it ready for the kiln, then polished and finished every piece by hand.

Items may appear larger in the photos to show details. Please check dimensions carefully and look at the photograph in which the items are worn, you can better see the size.